The evolution of social networking has arrived. Nebula's "Big Bang" happened on January 1st.
Like spacetime, Nebula is expanding and accelerating with every second that passes.


Paradigm shifts within technology have been a regular part of the technological cycle. Something new and innovative emerges to capture our imagination then draw us into a new way to do and think about things. That process brings about new ideas, and the concept grows and matures until something else changes the rules yet again.

There has been a project moving quietly but steadily behind the scenes for a long time. It’s been building momentum, getting everything in order to make a huge entrance onto the technology scene. There have been subtle hints of it on Twitter from @VertisanNebula. Despite the subtlety and vagueness, the “Vertisan Nebula” will revolutionize the way we think about and do social.

Every great movement has solid backing and a firm foundation. Nebula is no different in this regard. Vertisan has been working closely with Microsoft to ensure the technical implementation of the Nebula is nothing short of stellar. The Nebula is backed by a massive Azure implementation with more processing power than a small country and is completely back-ended by the Microsoft stack.

The Nebula is unprecedented in its capability, capacity, and opportunity.


There are some absolutely stunning features that make Nebula unique, but we can't share those proprietary secrets with you just yet. Until then, there are a few features that we can disclose, which make Nebula stand out from other social networks.

Gravitational Mass (gMass)

Just like in the physical world, everything in Nebula has mass (weight). Every last particle in Nebula has mass which is in a state of constant fluctuation and thereby has gravitational attraction. It creates a perpetually self-ordered system.

No Advertising

Because Nebula is a self-ordering system based upon mass and gravitational attraction, we have absolutely no need to put advertising in front of you. That's right... Nebula does not, and never will have, any advertising in the apps or website! Never.

Absolute Data Privacy

And then... because Nebula does not have any advertising and everything is based upon gravitational attraction, we have no need to collect, save, and share your private information and activities. We don't keep track of what you do, and we never will. Never.